The Demise of Labor 

by Brian Ahakuelo  

“This extraordinary book should be required reading for all students, teachers, employers and employees in all industries and institutions of learning. Changes in labor laws, job markets, and today’s workforce make this book a must read.”


— Dr. Mathew Friedman PHD, Doctor of Economics.

Unions are Dying a Slow Death

Organized labor, once a powerful force for social and economic justice in America, is rapidly fading into obscurity, with unions bleeding members from their rosters even in the most labor-friendly regions of the country. 

Nobody knows this better than Brian Ahakuelo, co-founder of the Global Institute for Interest-Based Solutions and former Business Manager of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1260. A second-generation member of the IBEW, Brian grew up revering American workers and the unions that served them. But he also watched Big Labor devolve from a progressive movement to a bloated, self-serving bureaucracy more concerned with preserving their power base than the plight of workers. Determined to change all that, Brian created a business-based model that focused on creating strong, sustainable relationships between companies and workers.

Unfortunately, the IBEW leadership viewed Local 1260’s success not as a victory for its members but a threat to its power. On May 6, 2016 three of Ahakuelo’s “brothers” showed up at the office and without preamble placed Local 1260 under trusteeship. Ahakuelo was given three minutes to collect his things and get out. This was followed by a vicious media onslaught that maligned him and his family.

While many would have crumbled, Ahakuelo decided he would not only survive, but thrive. The Demise of Labor: The Brian Ahakuelo Story exposes the real reasons behind the decline of unions in this country and one man’s determination to inspire the American worker to live with faith, passion and purpose.

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